Saturday, December 3, 2011

Novembers Creations

Novembers Textile Creations

I have started a new blog Scrumble-Along on Freeform Crochet to help other crocheters:-
  • get started in freeform crochet
  • give ideas for creating scrumbles
  • to have a central point gallery of my freeform crochet adventures
  • to interact with other freeform crocheters in a "SCRUMBLE-ALONG" event
Scrumble Along Bobble Top

Scrumble Along Fluffy Ring

Scrumble Along House

More "Scrumble Along" coming in December


Other creative adventures for the month of November:-

  • Preserved some lemons for savoury dishes

  • Made some marmalade

  • Zentangled a Bad Tempered Turkey for Thanksgiving Day

  • Made a trio of Steampunk pins. Each are 3" square and have a brooch pin on the back for attaching to garments etc.

  • Made a test Crazy Quilt block for the CQJP


  1. I've heard the term scrumble, but it's nice to actually see it. I hope to learn crochet this winter, so I'll be checking out your back pages for tips and such.
    I like those steampunk pins!

  2. Cy, it is nice to connect the dots here. I had recently run across your scrumble along and thought it looked like so much fun. It is nice getting to know you better.

  3. Wow, you are a woman of many talents, so nice to get to know you and experience all your art forms, Cy

  4. Looks like you enjoy lots of different kinds of art, Cy. I love your steam punk pins as well as your test CQ block. If you lived in the Seattle, I'd recruit you to teach crochet to the Antepartum moms! Knitting is definitely my forte, but I try.......