Saturday, December 3, 2011

Novembers Creations

Novembers Textile Creations

I have started a new blog Scrumble-Along on Freeform Crochet to help other crocheters:-
  • get started in freeform crochet
  • give ideas for creating scrumbles
  • to have a central point gallery of my freeform crochet adventures
  • to interact with other freeform crocheters in a "SCRUMBLE-ALONG" event
Scrumble Along Bobble Top

Scrumble Along Fluffy Ring

Scrumble Along House

More "Scrumble Along" coming in December


Other creative adventures for the month of November:-

  • Preserved some lemons for savoury dishes

  • Made some marmalade

  • Zentangled a Bad Tempered Turkey for Thanksgiving Day

  • Made a trio of Steampunk pins. Each are 3" square and have a brooch pin on the back for attaching to garments etc.

  • Made a test Crazy Quilt block for the CQJP