Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Rothko Paintings

My Rothko Paintings

I think that Mark Rothko's paintings are absolute abstraction-ism (if there is such a word, lol). He was the master of abstract painting and a minimalist at its best.

I know some people do not understand Mark Rothko's paintings, or any abstract art for that matter, and I'm not here to try to convince anyone of his excellence or wave the flag for abstract art (everyone is entitled to their own opinions and to see, feel and do what they like). But to me they each represent an image in my mind, and I thoroughly enjoy studying his artworks.

Here I have created my own "Rothko-style" paintings, and each one either 'speaks' to me and leaves an image within me, or came from an image already in my memory bank.

The following picture is from the set of My Rothko Paintings above (middle one in the top row).
I have added the poem that I wrote which is the inspiration for the painting.

Words and image copyright ©Cyra Lewis 2011

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